Penguin Karts Ecosystem

The Penguin Karts ecosystem is made up of two inter-connecting blockchains to leverage the best features from both networks into one seamless gaming experience. Penguin Karts will launch as a play to earn game where players access through a web 3 connection, to play to earn. In the future there will be an onboarding station with a Web2 portal, to allow gamers to try the game for free to encourage mass adoption.

2D & 3D Penguin NFT Collections

Penguin Karts 2D NFT Genesis Penguins, and 3D NFT Penguins are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Once minted collectors can choose to buy or sell on the secondary market, or stake these NFTs in the contract on Ethereum, then join the game and harvest the rewards as in-game loot boxes claimable on the Fantom chain.

What this does is allow our marketing team to reach millions of Ethereum users, then convert them to the Fantom blockchain for game play where the gas fees are so low it's almost negligible.

Races, Tournaments, & Championship Events

More details on the in-game economy will be released shortly, please check back in the coming days for more information on prizes for racing, entrance fees, and the breakdown of how these events will keep the economy sustainable.

Penguin Marketplace

In addition to NFT staking for in-game items, the Penguin Karts platform will feature an in-game marketplace where the loot can be bought and sold on the Fantom chain, so players can essentially cash in their earned drops if they choose not to use them in-game. The in-game marketplace is powered by the PGK token, native to the Penguin protocol.

3D NFTs that drop in-game could be custom kart skins, weapons that slow down opponents, or other fun surprises.

Stake PGK Earn PGK

Stake your PGK on the Penguin Karts staking dashboard, released Spring 2022. Join the Discord or Twitter to be notified the moment it goes live.

Yield Farming

Details on this will be coming soon, check back for regular updates to this Whitepaper.


Lastly, Penguin Karts will add an e-sports book lounge where anyone of legal gambling age can place bets on their favorite Penguin drivers.


To make the Penguin Karts eco-system sustainable there are certain fees implemented to in-game tasks. These are needed to ensure Penguin Karts can keep rewarding players for winning races and tournaments. There are tokens available in the eco-system fund to make sure players can be paid out rewards from launch. After that the eco-system will be sustained with the fees below.

Some of the fee's and costs to maintain a sustainable eco-system might change as the game develops.

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