The roadmap is an estimate, and things can be adjusted at anytime to account for new technologies being released, as well as market conditions changing rapidly. Please check back regularly.
Q4 2021 | Concept developed and Core team assembled + Creative Director begins the Genesis 2D Penguin NFTs, Community building begins
Penguin Karts Genesis NFT Collection on OpenSea
Q1 2022 | Fundraising begins, More people added to the team, 2D Penguin NFT Minting 22 FEB, IDO week, TGE & Listing on Spooky Swap
Q2 2022 | Penguin Karts forges 50+ GameFi partnerships, including the Fantom Foundation, IQ Protocol, TokenFarm, UpOnly, Skillz Guild, Planet Mojo, Warp Game, and dozens more. | The mechanics and possibilities behind interoperability partnerships are discussed. Further, Penguin Karts incorporates a Cool Cat and a Red Bean into the game to show they support interoperability and demonstrate it in action. Fabwelt Studios releases the alpha version of the game to the team. 3D NFT is delayed, and with a surprise, Scrappy is going independent.
Q3 2022 | Scrappy Penguins is announced as an independent brand, as all the utilities around interoperability develop in the space. Scrappy Penguins launched independent Twitter, and blog, and the Discord channel expanded to include dedicated chats for Scrappy. Scrappy gets rigged for the metaverse, and more partnerships are in place with games that are currently in production or newly released, like Metarun and Kitsumon World.
As the team meets with more and more projects, and explains the possibilities for interoperability, cross loot drops, and NFT interaction up to and including using your Scrappy Penguin as your in-game avatar in multiple games. Open the PreMint for Scrappy Penguins, and hold the public mint.
Beyond Q3 | Penguin Karts will update the whitepaper more regularly so all investors can keep a closer eye on the development updates as they are happening.
  • PreMint for Scrappy is announced
  • PreMint for Scrappy closes
  • Public Mint for Scrappy Penguins
  • Complete Single Player alpha testing
  • Complete multiplayer alpha testing
  • Open beta using Genesis penguins
  • Enable play to earn features in closed beta
  • Approve closed beta features work properly
  • Ingame marketplace
  • Open beta and stress testing with genesis penguins
  • Begin beta testing Scrappy Penguins as drivers in Penguin Karts
  • Penguin Karts Launches
  • Allow players to use Scrappy Penguins in-game as avatars
  • Incorporate the first partner NFT to be used as in-game avatars
  • Send Scrappy Penguins to first partner games
  • Release mobile version
  • Release tablet version
  • Release Web2 version of the game
  • List Penguin Karts Web 2 in iOs
  • List Penguin Karts Web 3 in PlayStore
  • CEX listings
  • Esports lounge
  • 2D staking for in-game items
  • 3D staking (rewards TBA)
  • Rental marketplace
  • NFT & Player analytics dashboard Staking dashboard
  • Yield farming
  • Demolition lobby
  • Add race tracks
  • Hold First private tournaments
  • Hold first public tournaments