Scrappy Penguins

Scrappy Penguins
Penguin Karts is the home of Scrappy Penguins, a 3D NFT avatar that will travel throughout the MetaVerse via interoperability partnerships with other games and spaces. Scrappy Penguins love to drive fast, fight, and get into general mischief. This next-generation NFT series will be packed with utility as we begin to unveil what the MetaVerse is actually capable of.
We are excited to announce that the whitelist for Scrappy Penguins will be opening soon.

What can I do with my Scrappy Penguin?

Scrappy Penguins Mint

Scrappy Penguins will be available to mint in early September 2022. The PreMint will have 4,000 Scrappy Penguins able to mint via whitelist before opening to the public.

In-game avatar - Available at Penguin Karts Public Game Launch

Penguin Karts is a free-to-play game; however, if you want to personalize your experience, you can utilize your Scrappy Penguin as your in-game avatar. More than just a profile picture! When you enter a game with your Scrappy Penguin, you will have a fully 3D experience as your penguin traverses through the game. Scrappy is not bound to just Penguin Karts; ready with a metaverse passport Scrappy Penguins are fully ready to explore not just Penguin Karts but other games on Fantom and beyond!

Chance to gain rare loot slightly increased - Expansion

Not only will you look awesome waddling around the MetaVerse with your Scrappy Penguin, but when you are driving your kart in the game with your 3D NFT, you will get a slight bonus to your rare loot drop percentage! It always pays to be a little scrappy!

Cross-game interoperability - Ongoing after Penguin Karts launch

Even before TGE, the Penguin Colony decided to pursue interoperability partnerships. What does this mean?
interoperability - the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and use information
In other words, our Penguin can play inside other games! While Penguin Karts can host our NFT frenz!
Games , and NFT projects to watch closely, in no particular order are Kitsumon, Warp Game, MetaRun, Stumble Upon Rumble, Tank Wars, ARPC, Cool Cats, Red Beans, and more!

Staking - Expansion

Cross-chain staking is cutting edge. Currently, the Penguin Colony is working with several vendors on the latest possibilities in cross-chain staking, and more information will be revealed for this at a later date, but rest assured, it is coming.

NFT Rental Marketplace - Expansion

Penguin Karts partnered early with UpOnly, a leader in the NFT rental marketplace, and are working closely with them to develop the right renting protocols for Scrappy. When you enter Scrappy into eSports events perhaps you want to hire a driver for the race? Well, renting your NFT can make that a reality. Both players and Guilds will find clever ways to rent their NFT in the Penguin Colony for some of the most innovative ways to create passive income in Web 3.

NFT with analytics tracking - Expansion

There are some amazing dashboards being created by various game aggregators and guilds in the GameFi space right now, and the Penguin Colony is exploring all of them and will deploy any and all dashboards that make sense, as well as work on a custom dashboard for player stats and game stats. This is a developing area, and we would love to hear about what you think is important to track!
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