Market Stats x 3 | Video Games, Online Gambling, & NFTs

Video Game Market Size
Current global population is 8 billion people and of those approximately 2.96 play some kind of video game. Phone users make up 2.8 billion, while another 1.4 billion enjoy games on PC. That is 1 billion more gamers than just 5 years ago. The pandemic saw growth of 5.4%, which for a market of this size is absolutely massive.
source: Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2021
Online Gambling Market
The global gaming market has ballooned to $175.8 Billion and is projected to continue growing. In addition to the gaming market being massive, Penguin Karts can also tap into online gambling another multi billion dollar industry that saw $66.67 billion generated in 2020. Covid-19 drove 64% of gamblers to play at home, driving unprecedented growth in this sector. Current projections for 2023 are now $92.9 billion meaning the market will nearly double in only 2 more years.
NFT, GameFi & DeFi Market Growth
DeFi as a whole is growing at twice the rate of the crypto market at large. NFTs in Jan 2022 reached a market cap of $31.4 billion, compared to $2.4 billion the last half of 2021. 2022 has been dubbed the year of the Metaverse, and play-to-earn games are expected to show rapid growth this year.