Penguin Pit Crew (Team)

CEO Tommy Dahlberg is a lifelong gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He first got into crypto in early 2016 but was already messing around with the stock market at 20 years old, when he began his trading career. In addition, he brings with him SEO, design and management experience. He founded and led a Crypto-focused marketing agency as COO, helping blockchain-based businesses grow their communities, which saw him work closely with popular Crypto exchanges and over 100+ individual projects.
CMO Baz has a career in social media going as far back as 2009 and brings with him a solid 10 years of marketing experience in the tech industry which inevitably lead him to the blockchain. He has a long history of utilizing social media channels to drive traffic, engagement and brand awareness across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. He got into e-commerce a decade ago, and the introduction of NFTs and Web3 is a natural progression. You can hear more of his thoughts on Play to Earn games, NFTs, and Penguin Karts on a Little Late in Crypto.
COO Rhiannon “Ri Ri” Fletcher started with Atari in 1983, and her Telegram and Discord handle, Mistress Vegas is her old video game handle from the City of Heros, an MMORPG from 2004 that is now community-owned after spending 7 years underground when NCSoft took the game offline. The players were granted the rights to the game when the secret server was exposed and it’s now free to play for all. She’s got 25 years of sales, marketing and administrative experience, fell into blockchain in 2017 and immediately became part of the revolution.
Business Development Manager Mert has a passion for numbers, and although the youngest member of the team, interacted with crypto 10 years ago before any of the rest. He did so in a video game. He was not old enough to have a bank account, and the game allowed BTC payments and a teenage Mert convinced his father to buy some BTC for him so he could use it to make in-game purchases. So, fast forward to 2020 and he rediscovers crypto and builds a profitable trading bot, begins staking and accumulating, and now is advising projects on tokenomics, and streamlining operations.