2D NFT Penguins

In February 2022, the Penguin Karts community minted 10,000 2D Genesis Penguin NFTs. To hold a 2D Genesis Penguin comes with a unique set of benefits that everyone will appreciate, like 1st access to the Penguin Karts closed beta, airdrops, NFT staking, and other bonuses.
The Genesis Penguins NFT set are now available on OpenSea.
If you are one of the lucky ones to have in your possession one of the Genesis Penguin NFTs then you will have an all-access pass to the goodies below.
WIFM? What's In It For Me?
Early Access to the Penguin Karts 3D Battle Game
  • Access the game before public release
  • Earn PGK before anyone else
  • Help to shape the game by providing valuable feedback directly to the team
  • Participate in upcoming NFT Airdrops
  • Receive in-game assets ready for use in the 3D Penguin Karts Game
NFT Staking
During Q2 2D NFT staking will become available on the Penguin Karts website. As staking NFTs is a new technology we have found three unique ways we can deliver the staking of 2D NFTs and then offer claimable loot boxes on Fantom. The team is currently evaluating each method to figure out which is the best for the community.
Important Info:
  • Staking 2D Genesis Penguins will be available on the Penguin Karts website
  • Players can stake multiple penguins in one transaction
More details on this first ever NFT staking protocol will be provided soon. Be sure and keep up to date with our announcements in Discord or Telegram, to know where and when you can start staking your 2D NFTs.
Special 2D Collectors get a 3D Bonus!
  • For every 10 Genesis Penguin NFTs a collector has, they will be invited to mint one 3D NFT for free, they will just have to pay the gas.
Genesis Penguins can be used in game as your profile pic or avatar! That's right, we heard you, and we have decided to grant this ability to all our OG Penguins allowing you to stand our in game as the early founding supporters that you are. Thank you!