Penguin Partners

This page is regularly updated with new partners, as is the Penguin Karts website,
Video games have promoted community engagement since there inception. Even Pong, the OG game was built for two people. Today, with global gaming the partnerships are on a global scale, but they still promote community. Penguin Karts is forging alliances in crypto, gaming, media, racing entities, charitable organizations that support endangered penguins, and many others.
Penguin Karts Network
Tartarus Finance - a decentralized launchpad built for the Fantom Ecosystem
Moonwhale Ventures - a crypto focused VC firm
KyrptoPlayboy - a thought leader in the blockchain gaming arena
Kaso2ka Ventures - a world-class gaming VC
Gachyi Land - a Play-to-Earn MMORPG on the blockchain
FantomStarter - The OG launchpad for the Fantom network
Crypto Daku - a crypto thought leader, and pioneering investor in the NFT space
Breach - a gamified social platform where avatars level up through interacting
Stakely VC - a team of OG VCs that began their crypto journey in 2013
Fairum Ventures - a crypto VC and PR expert
TrustPad - a premier launchpad for crypto gaming projects
SpaceSwap - a decentralized crowd-funding aggregator & launchpad
Black Edge Capital - a project incubator focused on GameFi projects
CryitoMind - Gaming thought leader
VulturePeak - a community driven launchpad focused on Metaverse and GameFi
Paragen - an optimized chain agnostic incubating launchpad
BullPerks - for retail buyers to access private sale allocations for the most sought after crypto projects
CryptoFomo - a thought leader and news source for crypto enthusiasts
Dreamboat Ventures - a blockchain social VC with over 10,000 investors
KingPad - a platform offering investors early access to blockchain games & metaverse projects
Fam Central -
QU Ventures
Alpha Crypto
Fabwelt Studios
BeGlobal Finance
Venomous Capital - a KOL with heavy influence in Vietnam