In-Game Playable NFTs

This page has a few of the in-game playable NFTs for your to PWN your opponents with. Let chaos REIGN!!!!!
While you are racing your Penguin around one of the racetracks there are a multitude of in-game NFTs that could drop. These in-game NFTs can be any of the following:
Custom kart skins are exactly what they sound like, and we are working on partnerships for branded stickers that may become available, tag your favorite brands on Twitter and tell them about Penguin Karts!!
Weapons drop during races that are designed to slow down, or derail your opponents. It's hard to race when you have flaming fish ballz surrounding your Penguin Kart hah. Check out a few samples of the sick a$$ weapons available in-game as NFT drops!
  • Slippery fish toss the fish on the road and your opponent slides off into oblivion (hahaaha)
  • Triple Fish A circle of slippery fishes rotates around your kart. Tap the screen to launch them in front of you or swipe down to throw them behind you.
Hazard Warning!! You can slip on your own fish if you are not careful
Slippery Fish
  • Freeze Ray An Icey laser beam that will freeze any opponent it hits, causing them to temporarily freeze up like they are locked in ice between 2-5 seconds
  • Fish Skeletons use as attack or defense, fish skeletons fly in a straight line from the moment you release them. If they hit a racer, it crashes their kart. You can swipe up to launch it out in front of you or swipe down to hit a racer behind you. You can also keep it behind you on your kart to protect you from a single attack.
  • 3 Fish Skeletons send out fish skeletons all around your kart that puncture other karts temporarily if they drive in to you - triple fish skeletons can also be used as defense same as a single fish skeleton and u can shoot it for ranged attacks.
  • Fish Skeleton Missiles are missiles that auto hit the nearest target upon release
  • Sea Lion Attack sea lions are hungry. After being thrown, it will start walking toward any innocent Penguin who gets near it and then DINNER TIME attack.
  • Double Sea Lion Attack you launch two hungry sea lions at once, targeting 1 kart attacking it like a homing missile
  • Giant Penguin turns you in to a gigantic penguin that is sliding on his stomach and mows down anything in his/her path causing damage and wreaking havoc to all other drivers.
  • Poopy Time penguin poop/snow storm appears on other racers screen
  • Flaming Fish Ballz Using a Flame thrower loaded with flaming fish ballz to launch and revolve around your kart. When they hit someone, it will cause them to crash. Swipe up to throw them ahead of you or swipe down to throw them behind you.