Penguin Karts PGK Whitepaper

The Penguin Karts whitepaper contains information on the PGK tokenomics, Penguin Karts game play, both 2D & 3D NFTs and their utilities, as well as info on the project and team.
Executive Summary
Penguin Karts is an immersive 3D battle-racing game built on the blockchain.
Players can race against each other earning NFTs along the way that can be used in game or sold at the in-game marketplace. It even allows spectators to place bets on their favorite drivers in the Penguin e-Sports Lounge. In addition, the platform's player-friendly tokenomics strives to create a sustainable NFT economy by facilitating the exchange of NFTs and other digital collectibles in the Penguin Karts marketplace.
The gaming, as well as the NFT landscapes, are growing exponentially. Penguin Karts has taken a unique approach leveraging both the technology and the communities from Ethereum and Fantom. With this merger of two blockchains through EVM compatibility Penguin Karts aims to create a highly profitable gaming ecosystem with NFTs as its central core. At present, the NFT trade volumes exceed $23 billion, and close to 41% of that comes from gaming NFTs (Forbes, 2021). Furthermore, the NFT sector Is rapidly growing, and experts estimate it to cross the $256.97 billion mark by 2025 (Techjury, 2021).
The Penguin Karts ecosystem will attract gamers, NFT traders, and gamblers. The platform has an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell 3D useable in-game NFTs like Penguins with personality, customized kart skins, swag to deck out your ride, weapons to slow down your opponents, and assorted other goodies. The 3D NFTs in-game can be bought and sold using the PGK token, the native token for the Penguin Karts game. In addition, spectators can track their favorite drivers and wager on who will win in the e-sports book lounge.
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